About us

To all men of France, visitors and admirers of these second (black) shiny skins, the French Rubbermen movement was born!

The Rubbermen movement is about thousands of guys all over the world who share their passion for latex. The French rubber community must be associated with this dynamic through the collective French Rubbermen, like its fathers.

French Rubbermen aims to promote exchanges between latex enthusiasts. For this he promotes events organized in France and beyond and allows to meet in any fraternity during these fetish rallies, to make our collective visible.

French Rubbermen also organizes its favorite events (aperitifs, weekends, parties …) and sales-exchanges of rubber / fetish gear so that everyone can live his passion.

The group remains attentive to actions related to prevention and rights for the freedom of the LGBTI community.

Feel free to like our Facebook page for the latest news and events rubber in France and abroad.

French Rubbermen, a french association