In France, the FRENCH RUBBERMEN association has been committed since its creation to promoting inclusion and fighting against homophobia and all forms of discrimination. It organizes friendly and festive events for men who are fans of latex, rubber and rubber culture, such as informal meetings, brunches and photo sessions in a warm and inclusive atmosphere, both in France and across the world. ‘Europe.

FRENCH RUBBERMEN also organizes events aimed at promoting inclusion and raising public awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. These events include awareness-raising workshops, conferences on the fight against homophobia and discrimination, as well as actions to support LGBTQ+ people in precarious situations.

FRENCH RUBBERMEN is a dynamic and committed association, founded in 2018, which works to create social connections, promote inclusiveness and combat prejudice within the latex enthusiast community. Its team of dedicated volunteers works with efficiency and passion to serve and support this community in a spirit of respect and solidarity.