RUB’WEEK is a program hosted by actors from the French gay rubber fetish scene. This program offers several friendly meetings for latex and fetish lovers over 4 days.

It is a festival which is now part of the European fetish agenda.

Its achievement is made possible thanks to the investment of 50 volunteers who make themselves available to the public.

RUB’ZONE is the highlight of the program. The only strict rubber night in France, located in the basements and in the heart of the Marais Parisien, it is a fantastic universe, a world dedicated to RUBBERMEN, a break from carefreeness and fantasies, for one night.

THE MR RUBBER FRANCE COMMITTEE has been the organizer since 2016 of the election of the same name. Since the 2022 edition, this organization has been supported by the FRENCH RUBBERMEN association.
The MR RUBBER France election allows the French fetish community to choose from within its ranks an ambassador who, over the course of a year, will meet rubber fetishists and others in the country but also around the world. Its mission is to promote fetish France but also to promote values such as prevention in the broad sense.